Engaging A Social Audience

We engaged our client’s social audience with a fun, interactive quiz that showcased their product in a new way.

Case Highlights
  • Social Reach of 700k over 19 days
  • 5X more clicks than any previous social post
Tags: Media


Our client’s Facebook fans numbered around 20,000 but were primarily composed of existing customers and employees. The core audience was moderately active, yet rarely generated much social reach to non-fans.


We created a social media campaign centered around an interactive quiz that highlighted one of the client’s new products in an educational, fun way. We designed & developed the quiz as well as additional education content, social posts and supported the endeavor with social media and paid ads.

"The quiz was the right vehicle to keep the educational content interactive and fun while also encouraging viral sharing among friends."

- Scott Hinners, Content Strategy


Through an engaging social campaign we generated a total reach of 700k+ across all social platforms. The top Facebook posts attracted 5x more clicks than any previous post, organic daily reach rose by 117% and Facebook fans increased by 7%. Twitter saw a similar boost to engagement and an increase of 14% new Twitter followers.

Before Campaign 7,270 Average Daily Organic Reach
During Campaign 15,797 Average Daily Organic Reach
After Campaign 8,664 Average Daily Reach

Paid content increased reach further. Over 48,000 People Per Day were reached using Facebook and Twitter ads. This was the most far reaching & engaging social media campaign our client had ever produced.

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