Iteratively Increasing Quote
Starts through Site Testing


  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • UX Design
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Development

Total Quote Starts Improved by


Fine Tuning Experiences for Happier Customers

Our client, a car insurance provider, came to BrainDo looking for help in making their website’s user experience as seamless as possible. In order to offer cheaper insurance rates, our client does not have physical insurance agents. This means conducting a majority of their business online and relying on their website to make a positive and lasting impact on their customer base.

Evaluating Data to Predict and Test Enhancements that Drive Sales

Over the years, BrainDo has developed tests that consistently strive to improve the experience for our client’s users. Focusing primarily on the homepage, we’ve tested a number of different areas to influence quote starts.

Rigorous Data Analysis

We developed hypotheses supported through robust analytics that allowed us to pinpoint problem areas on the site. Form field tracking, link and button tracking, segmenting audiences, unique personalization of content, and any other important events were implemented from scratch and brought under analysis by our Data Analytics & Data Science team.

Design Iteration

Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative data, we were able to iterate on and test several design solutions to find the right fit our target audience.

Custom Development Implementation

Our Web Development team integrated with and guided the client’s IT department to help get solutions to market faster.

Data Reporting

Once each test reached statistical significations, we would document a report providing the client with detailed read outs on each test, with easy to digest insights into the data.

Turning Theories into Results

Through a strategic site testing program, we were able to test specific hypotheses and gradually improve upon our client’s online user experience. Testing things like tone of voice, color, imagery and hierarchy of content lead to an overall 35.9% increase in quote starts across 2 years, as well as increased user productivity and purchase completes. Throughout the process, we have helped transform our client from a large enterprise with slow moving IT infrastructure to a company with a much nimbler digital footprint.

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