Architecting a Custom
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Track ROI


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Empowered Client to

Track ROI & Measure Product Performance

Filtering Visual Search Results Through the Right Lenses

A company that powers visual search within 3rd party applications, needed a solution that would help their clients track the usage and success rate of visual search in their app. Every time an image search is run through their system, hundreds of thousands of images are cross referenced to find a matching result. Premier analytics reporting services would charge through the roof for the amount of data needed to run through their system on each search. Our client approached our team with the need for a cost-effective solution that would put them in charge of their own data and have the ability to demonstrate success to their clients.

Building the Ideal Tool from the Ground Up

A specific, custom solution was needed for the platform. All the events they could use were buried in their backend code – they knew what was being submitted but had no context or categorization. We developed an interface to track and present their data in a usable way, displaying and organizing user journeys, as well as where and how conversions were being made.

Develop the Tracking Framework

The first thing we had to do was specify of all the events and details that we wanted to capture on the client side (mobile applications) and the server side. We tied them all into a workflow that included extra events for context to show where downstream conversions and upstream conversions were taking place.

Specify Events & Storage Infrastructure

Tracking sessions using 30-minute windows, we architected the entire schema used to organize, collect, and store the data in BigQuery.

Created a Visual Reporting Interface

Once all the tracking and specification was in place, we processed and summarized data based on the unique needs of the product and the customer success team. We then created digestible visualizations in Tableau to highlight client successes as well as facilitate product optimization.

Systematizing Data to Track ROI and Empower Clients

We created a flexible, lightweight analytics reporting system, empowering our client to evaluate the impact of their service for their clients. This system is organized to fit their exact needs, removing the fluff and extra costs that come with 3rd party products. Partitioned off in a database within our client’s own infrastructure, this solution is secure as well as efficient. Long term, our client will be able to leverage this data to improve search results and ultimately, their product.

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