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Increasing International Brand Performance

Driving International Brand Growth with Localized Paid Media Tactics

Increasing International Brand Performance







Paid Search, Paid Social, Market Research, UX Design


International paid media campaigns increased Add-to-Cart behavior and Impressions by over 300% and 720% respectively in key Latin American markets

Client Background

Invitae is a leading biotechnology company that provides genetic testing services to medical professionals and patients. Because of our successful paid media track record, the company reached out to BrainDo for help developing a unified digital media plan for all of its international markets.

The Challenge

Invitae approached our team with the objective of raising brand awareness across its international markets. Employing international marketing services to achieve this appeared cost prohibitive to the client. BrainDo outlined a localized marketing strategy to help Invitae grow international brand awareness both efficiently and effectively.

The Solution

BrainDo conducted exhaustive market research in each international region of interest. Following this research, BrainDo delivered a comprehensive digital marketing strategy reflecting region-specific messaging angles and creative iterations. This strategy included both paid search and paid social media tactics, designed to meet and exceed the client’s objectives of increasing brand awareness and website traffic.

Through in-depth strategy, cross-team collaboration, and hard work, we grew our client's paid search efforts and performance substantially over the course of our engagement.

Kelsey Benoit, Paid Media Strategy

The Execution

BrainDo delivered the market research on time and within budget. This enabled us to launch the initial paid search campaigns in Australia and Canada in 2021. That same year, we expanded our efforts to include Israel, Brazil, and Mexico, capitalizing on their successes with our first paid social campaigns in Australia and Canada.

Our largest tactical payoffs occurred within Latin America, creating an unexpected challenge. While our campaigns proved exceptionally effective, the Latin America sales team was ill-prepared for the volume of qualified leads that our campaigns delivered. As the international team required additional help to properly manage the campaigns. BrainDo refined its workstreams to better support the client’s needs.

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Every decision we made on this project was backed by data, including new platform and strategy testing. The partnership of analytical and creative thinking assured the project's success.

Rose Baez, Project Manager

The Results

1+ Add-to-Cart
1%+ QoQ Impressions

Following the rollout of its international paid media campaigns, Invitae saw a 300% increase in Add-to-Cart Event Actions from its Latin American markets. Overall Impressions increased by an average of 720% quarter over quarter, at $0.67 Cost per Conversion.

Our team's biggest successes were recorded in Latin America and that team was most excited about the strategies we implemented. This project evolved our relationship with their company allowing us to collaborate with new team members and explore media efforts in new regions.

Rose Baez, Project Manager

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