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Out with Universal Analytics, In with GA4

Building a Seamless Transition with Additional Analytics Capabilities

Out with Universal Analytics, In with GA4



National Financial Lending Company


Financial Services


Data Science & Analytics


Our client experienced a seamless transition from Universal Analytics to GA4. All existing reports were rebuilt and properly collect analytics data within GA4.

Client Background

Our client is a leading financial service company that provides student loan and refinancing student loan services to students and graduates. Because of our successful track record of providing strategic analytics support, the company reached out to BrainDo for help transitioning from Google’s previous Universal Analytics (UA) platform to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

The Challenge

The client reached out to our team with questions regarding GA4 and the objective of transitioning its platform over seamlessly. With the new analytics platform replacing UA, the client saw the need for a complete platform overhaul. BrainDo outlined a roadmap to migrate the client over smoothly and efficiently to GA4 in advance of high seasonal demand.

The Solution

BrainDo conducted extensive research on the new Google Analytics platform’s capabilities. Following this research, BrainDo seamlessly transitioned the client’s analytics configuration from UA to GA4, with existing data intact.

BrainDo’s data science and analytics teams collaborated on implementing SQL queries and dashboarding as part of the transition plan. The new analytics dashboard was designed with custom JavaScript to ensure our client received their data properly and in its expected format.

With constant updates still being made to the GA4 platform, we were aware of the challenges a complete client migration presented. Our team implemented a solution that sent performance data to both GA4 and Universal Analytics, while also integrating new changes as they occurred.

Peter Song, VP of Analytics Engineering

The Execution

BrainDo successfully migrated the client over to GA4 within a tight deadline. This afforded our team additional time to work through many of the challenges that GA4 presented.

Although the transition itself is complete, BrainDo provides ongoing adjustments that account for differences between the UA and GA4 platforms. For instance, we’ve revised our approach to work within the 36-character limit for GA4 user properties – a significant reduction from the 100 characters available for UA user properties. BrainDo continues refining its framework to work around limitations and make more manageable components.

We needed to ensure their key metrics were still accessible in this new format since they play a key role in reporting on their business performance. Thankfully, our analytics team was able to devise a system that works within the GA4 framework while continuing to capture all the data points our client relies on to drive their marketing strategy.

Jason Nederveld, Project Manager

The Results

1 Unique Event Actions/6 Months

Following the rollout of the new GA4 analytics platform, the client began receiving analytics from both Universal Analytics and GA4. Our client relies heavily on Event Actions and Labels for performance tracking, so this information is crucial to the business’s success. Our strategic approach provides the client with organized dimension data for hundreds of different events.

The end result of the platform transition was a flexible, scalable framework that fulfilled the client's needs. This represents a clear path forward for any client looking to transition out of Universal Analytics and into GA4's data model.

Peter Song, VP of Analytics Engineering

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