Homepage Conversion Boost

Through strategic A/B testing on our client’s homepage, we significantly improved plan conversion rate for new users.

Case Highlights
  • +25% Conversion Rate
  • +43% Add-to-Cart Rate
Tags: Web Development


72% of new users dropped off (and never converted) after clicking a prominent “Buy Now” button on our client’s homepage. Our challenge was to understand what was occurring and improve the drop off.


We analyzed user pathways and determined the location of conversion “bottlenecking”. We devised a variety of advanced site testing campaigns designed to optimize the homepage and the flow of users to top performing conversion pages.

"We saw dramatic improvements by digging deeper into user behavior on the homepage. Many users that were clicking “Buy Now” actually wanted more information – so we gave it to them."

- Brian Schwartz, User Experience

Working with Visual Website Optimizer, we developed specific tests with variables that primarily included headlines, button layout and color scheme. A prominent “Learn More” button was added to aid users that weren’t ready to purchase. In addition, different target conversion landing pages were tested over the course of a month in order to establish statistically significant results.


+25% New Users Clicking "Buy Now"
+43% Add-to-Cart Rate

Through user behavioral analysis and A/B site testing, we were able improve conversion rate of new users clicking “Buy Now” by 25% and add-to-cart rate by 43%. The insights gained through landing page tests further benefit future optimization on the site and will fold into long term strategy for growing direct traffic sales.

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