Cleaner, More Actionable Data

We rolled out a custom suite of analytics tagging and management on our client’s website for cleaner, deeper, more actionable data.

Case Highlights
  • Complete analytics overhaul including measurement plan, custom events and dashboard creation.
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Our client needed a unifying structure to implement its analytics across its websites. The existing setup often led to confusion during analysis and left gaps of incomplete data. In addition, the inconsistent use of custom events, variables and goals made difficult or sometimes impossible to get accurate information.


BrainDo implemented an overhaul of their analytics tagging including an optimized user interface that allowed our client to gather more reliable data and access it more intuitively.

“We worked closely with the client to build a custom analytics mix that brought more accuracy and depth and allowed them to get much better answers from their data.”

- Rodney Morris, Analytics

Analytics Implementation Included:

Google Tag Manager in a custom configuration that fires universal and classic Google Analytics calls consistently for all tracked actions.

  • Complete parity of universal and classic Google Analytics
  • Custom event-driven 3rd party tag tracking

Standardization of naming, configuration, and consistency of custom events, variables and goals throughout the site.

  • Included 55 standard custom events, 10 custom variables, 10 goals

Set up site search tracking with categories for a non-standard parameter format.

  • Integrated Google Web Master Tools

Ecommerce tracking using Enhanced E-commerce for the universal property

Tracking of form fields, form submissions, cross domain links, download links, telephone links, external links

Tracking of 5 content groups using page tags

  • Developed useful custom channel groupings

Page view customization


Overall, we empowered our client's marketing and user experience teams with comprehensive, accurate, and consistent analytics data to better evaluate the performance of site components and marketing initiatives. With this new data, they can better identify issues, evaluate opportunities, and plan future efforts more efficiently.

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