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Our design team builds seamless products for our client’s end users, creating positive experiences and driving conversions.

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User Experience

Through data-driven user research and testing, we’ll help you improve usability and address your audience’s needs through your website, mobile app, prototypes, and more.

All of our design concepts start with user research to understand the users’ needs, differing journeys, and how can we best support them within the platform. We’ll gather and synthesize the data surrounding the user’s actions to inform design changes and ongoing improvements. Our experts also offer a diverse set of testing opportunities to fit every size and scale strategy your team may need.


User Journeys

Usability Testing


Responsive Website Design

Intuitive experiences and expandable websites are outcomes of strong user experience and well developed style guides. These set a solid foundation for web designs that have optimal user paths, clear call-to-actions, and visual presentations that are consistently effective across mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Becoming standard are complementary deliverables: interaction design files and InVision files. Interaction designs demonstrate intended transition effects and timing to ensure development is pixel perfect and per architected experience. InVision files allow users to interact with user paths to get feedback for refinement prior to finalizing design files.


Style Guide

Sketch Design Files

Zeplin Design Files

InVision User Journey

Interaction Design Files

Conversion Optimization & Site Testing

Assessing user behavior within your website, mobile app, social properties, and marketing campaigns is an important part of ongoing conversion optimization. Our creative team marries analytics reporting, competitive findings, and user experience into well-designed recommended improvements with data to support the solutions.

In collaboration with the data science team, content strategy, media team, and development team, usability testing, A/B testing, multivariate testing, and campaign testing are strategized, created, and managed to gain additional learnings and allow iterative improvements to page and campaign conversions

Conversion Rate Assessment

Competitive Audit

Usability Testing

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Mobile App Design

Our creative team incorporates design elements, content layout, and functionality into wireframes and designs that complement and enhance your website and social properties. Our goal is to create a well-designed mobile app that will exist for years in various versions with the ability to implement new functionalities and features. Incorporating mobile app UX principles early on is essential for building a streamlined, easy-to-use mobile experience. While new features excite users, inconsistent designs can confuse or disrupt the user base.

Mobile App Design Files

Interaction Design Files

App Store Preview Images

App Store Preview Videos

Campaign Creatives

With user journeys (and return journeys) often starting within search engines, content sites, and/or social sites, strategic exposure to display ads and landing pages extend the ability to positively influence conversions. In collaboration with the media team, campaign creatives are crafted to concisely and effectively communicate value propositions and call-to-actions. Variations are versioned to test the most effective combination for each audience type/personas.

Display Ads (Banner Ads)

Media Landing Pages

Social Media Ads

Website Promotional Call-outs

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User Experience & Design

Our design team builds seamless products for our client’s end users, creating positive experiences and driving conversions.

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