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Social Change & Cause-Marketing in 2018

In 2018, it seems that more brands than ever are seeing the value of connecting their brands to positive social causes. In some cases, however, it’s the causes themselves that launch businesses all their own. This was the focus of a recent Philly Tech Week event, Innovation for Social Change, which took a deeper look… Read more »

Developer Insights: Dynamic Routing in React JS

If you’re a developer who frequently works with React JS, you have likely run into a situation where it becomes necessary to use dynamic routing. Dynamic routing, with React, is a little like building a tunnel. Most tunnels get you from point A to point B (which is like most applications in JS). However, if… Read more »

Event Picks for Philly Tech Week 2018

Digital techies rejoice – Philly Tech Week 2018 is almost here! Starting April 27th and running through May 5th, Philly Tech Week celebrates technology and innovation happening throughout the city of Philadelphia. With over 100 events going on this week, it’s impossible to attend them all, so we rounded up our top 10 must see… Read more »