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Meet Tom Noonan

Tom joins the BrainDo team as our newest Web Developer, infusing his passion for creative problem solving into each technical project he works on. He is a self-taught front-end developer and applies meticulous attention to whatever he is developing. In his free time, you can find Tom hanging out with his family, homebrewing his own… Read more »

Meet Carolyn Marks

Carolyn joins the BrainDo team as the Internal Brand Coordinator and Office Manager, combining strategic in-house marketing and workspace management skills that keep our social feed lively and our culture on point. When Carolyn isn’t brainstorming our next marketing and social campaign, you can find her hosting parties, cooking up her famous tofu curry, or… Read more »

Meet Charles T. Nottadog

Charles joins our team as our new Director of Barketing and Client Relations, who uses his profetchinal knowledge in Labragoogle Analytics and Social Feedia, to retrieve us the best clients–where they are confident he will not roll over on any project. When Charles isn’t taking a paws to listen to client needs, you can find… Read more »