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Our 2024 Social Media Marketing, UX & Design Predictions

In an effort to gamify their ever-evolving disciplines, Marketing Roundtable hosts Rachel Rhodes and Tatiana Knies-Smith present: the 2024 Social Media Marketing and UX/Design bingo card!

This bingo card covers several predictions across organic social and design, from (potentially) upcoming trends to (fingers-crossed) brand-new features. We’ll be updating a copy of our card on our Instagram Highlights as things develop in the New Year, but you can also feel free to download a copy for yourself down below to play along at home.

Now with our cards in hand, chips at the ready, and a slam dunk Zuckerberg Meme free space, let’s begin calling some numbers!

The Dream Team

If it was not already abundantly clear, Tatiana works in design and Rachel works in social media. Both are former guests of the podcast, graduates of Temple University, and advocates of pineapple on pizza.

Rachel got her start in organic social first as a YouTuber then as a Content Manager, gaining valuable experience in the Big Three: social media management, content creation, and influencership. Now she helps our clients with all aspects of the social space, from copywriting to competitive landscape analysis.

A proud Tyler School of Art graduate and Figma-certified design expert, Tatiana crafts creative solutions for our client’s UX/UI projects, video production needs, and social media content. Although creative asset design is her specialty, she also bridges the gap between UX and user testing.

The two also just created a new work humor-based Instagram account, Not Your Average Marketer. Check it out, and give us a follow if any of the posts make you laugh!

Now back to the show.

The Social Media Forecast

Rachel begins with a handful of general predictions that could apply to any number of platforms. AI, subscription-based models, and NFTs are all given their time in the spotlight —among other topics.

Now, collaborative posting is an already established social media functionality. Collaborative editing, however, is a future capability for which Rachel is most hopeful. With a combined desire for creators to use native features while staying in-platform for as long as possible, this seems like a logical next step — and one that could really set a platform apart if executed well.

“I do think we’ll see it roll out with TikTok or Instagram first, since those two are in such competition to have the latest and greatest features,” Rachel offers. She suggests that YouTube might be too big to roll out such a feature first, despite being the most useful space for it.

UX & Design Predictions

After Rachel finishes her social media predictions, Tatiana leads us into her own UX & Design projections. And since filming, one has already come true!

Tatiana also touches on AI integrations in the eCommerce space, especially for shopping experiences. She sees a future with more AI “stylists” curating boxes, subscriptions, and carts for users.

“I think this would actually be a nice and helpful way that AI could be involved that isn’t annoying,” she adds. “If it could take over your browsing, that’d be sick.”

Prep Those Bingo Cards

If the two predictions mentioned here piqued your interest, there are still 22 more social media and design bingo squares to check off! Watch the full episode below, download your own card, and play along with us over on Instagram.

Do you have any other social media, UX, or design predictions? Comment on our Instagram post! We’d love to hear what you think is on the horizon.

Download our Social Media Marketing & UX/Design Bingo Card.

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