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After getting his degree in Kinesiology, RP started out in Pharma and then worked as an IT recruiter for several years before becoming a web developer (and joining the other side of those recruiting calls).
His diverse background has made RP an asset to the web development team. Familiar with client-side demands and armed with recruiter sensibilities, he meets every new challenge with an unflappable can-do attitude.

On the team, RP supports a wide range of BrainDo front-end development projects including landing page creation, website redesigns and QA while wielding JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS.

When he isn’t debugging code, you can find RP rooting for Philly sports teams, getting the high score on a Pop Shot Basketball or hunting down the perfect buffalo wings.

The Power of Sports

  • If you could only listen to one song for the rest of time what would it be?

    Almost (Sweet Music) – Hozier

  • What's one thing you can't live without?

    I couldn’t live without sports in my life. I played them my whole life, and they’re such a big part of my life still. I wouldn’t be who I am and wouldn’t have the friends I do without them.

  • What will be a top trending technology 10 years from now?

    Dating Apps based on your genetic makeup. Think 23andMe meets Tinder.

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