Scott Hinners

SEO & Content Strategist

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Our resident word-smith

Scott paints with the English language in a way that touches our very soul. His calling to be a Content Strategist could not be any clearer. Scott is a strategic thinker at heart and has an amazing ability to break apart complex scenarios to create effective content marketing campaigns.

With over 10 years of SEO experience, Scott leads the team in the full spectrum of SEO and Content Strategy and is considered one of the most trustworthy strategists in the industry due to his empathetic approach towards his client partners. He has been lucky enough to be part of some of the most influential brands including Mercedes Benz, Smart Car, and Johnson & Johnson throughout his career starting at Razorfish as a Search Copywriter.

When he’s not creating killer content, Scott spends his free time performing musical improv comedy, playing unique board games and getting hyped about escape rooms!

Great Scott!

  • If you could meet one person who would it be?

    Always admired Malcolm Gladwell, especially his speaking style, technique and general approach to academic observations.

  • If you could have a superpower what would it be?

    Ability to control the weather.

  • What is your favorite website?