Jason Nederveld

Project Manager

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Scheduler Supreme

Jason is the project manager of our dreams. He keeps track of a vast majority of BrainDo’s projects and makes sure all deliverables get out on time. He loves puzzling together deadlines and fitting tasks into a neat schedule so members of the team can tick off boxes with focus and ease, never missing a step. Jason worked in Customer Service for years, always ready with a plan to get the most important customers, BrainDo’s clients, what they need.

A hands-on manager, Jason uses his web analytics experience to pitch in when necessary to get work out efficiently. His in-depth knowledge of the accounts he manages provides significant insight when designing testing strategies, web development plans, and more. If anyone on the team needs help, Jason is the guy to go ask. He loves figuring out the best way to tackle a problem; if he can’t solve it himself, he will certainly know the person who can.

When he isn’t navigating Braindo’s to-do list, you might find Jason navigating the Wissahickon Trail, playing softball, or trying new restaurants and exotic cuisines.

It's Outta Here!

  • If you could meet one person who would it be?


  • What will be a top trending technology 10 years from now?

    Ocular enhancement

  • If you could only listen to one song for the rest of time what would it be?

    My Mathematical Mind by Spoon