Rodney Morris

Senior Digital Analytics Engineer

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Transforming Data into Stories

Wielding the technological building blocks of code and script, Rodney transforms even the most challenging development ideas into an interactive reality. He has led the forefront on most of BrainDo’s data science and analytics capabilities, including custom measurement plans, mobile app and web application tracking, complex tracking migrations, custom software and reporting dashboards, conversion optimization, the list goes on.

Rodney expertly combs through data to identify conversion points and optimize for them. He can look at a string of numbers and walk away with a clear picture of who a brand’s audience is, what they are looking for, and who is most likely to lead to a sale. Rodney can even isolate which ads are most effective to downstream traffic for systems whose conversions take place across multiple sessions and even multiple devices.

A true urbanite, Rodney can usually be found checking out local hot spots or rooting for one of Philadelphia’s beloved sport teams.

Flying in to Save the Day

  • What will be a top trending technology 10 years from now?

    HUD glasses (Google glass was ahead of its time)

  • What's your favorite website?

  • If you could have a superpower what would it be?


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