a photo of a tasty slice of pizza


Communications Series – Digital Marketing Team

Tim Reardon | Social Strategy

Welcome back to our communication series! In the first blog, we invited the Design and User Experience Team to show off their personal communication styles by customizing an image of a burger to their fancy.

In case you missed our first round, the goal of this exercise is to see how different communication styles emerge from a group of like-minded individuals who are given the same prompt. We leave the assignment wide open as to how they can provide the notations to make it perfect to their taste buds.

The second team up to the plate is the Digital Marketing team. They were given a slice of pepperoni pizza as their assigned food item. Scroll down to see the results and read their responses to, “How did you approach this exercise and how does it show your communication style?”

Geoff's Slice of Choice

geoffs slice of choice

Geoff: I chose to take a fun route using only drawings. I think it shows that I have a creative communication style.

Jenny's Slice of Choice

jennys slice of choice

Jenny: I prefer to receive and send communications in a format that is as short and as detailed as possible. Using images, bullets, and/or pointers to accompany text typically helps in creating clear, succinct descriptions.

Scott's Slice of Choice

scotts slice of choice

Scott: I took a direct approach, trying to be as specific as possible. I’m more likely to use words and simplify through bullets whenever I have to spell things out for others.

Tim's Slice of Choice

tims slice of choice

Tim: I am new to using Photoshop and thought that this would be a good exercise for me to use the tool with the amount of time given for the assignment. So, that is what I did. I used Photoshop (primarily the quick selection tool) and added extra slices of pizza, a beer, and hot sauce. Simple but fun, nonetheless. It shows that I like to be able to tell a story with little words and to use images that are easily understood by the viewer.

Stay tuned next month for part 3 of our communication series featuring the Development Team!