photo of a tasty burger

BrainDo Culture

Communication Series – Design & UX Team

Tim Reardon | Social Strategy

In a new series, we’ve invited each member of our four departments; Data and Analytics, Design and User Experience, Digital Marketing, and Development and Technology to partake in a challenge to see their personal communication style.

The goal was to see how different communication styles emerged from a group of like-minded individuals who were given the same prompt. Each department was assigned a stock photo of a dish and had to provide directional feedback in order to customize the food to their preferences. We left it wide open as to how they could provide the notations; mark it up, mock it up, cut and paste – whatever they needed to do to make it perfect to their taste buds.

It will be fun to see if they have similar design, wildly different interpretation, and technical skills when tasked this assignment.

The first team up to the plate was the Design and User Experience team. They were given a burger as their assigned food. Scroll down to see the results and read their responses to, “How did you approach this exercise and how does it show your communication style?”

Kathryn's Burger of Choice

Burger: Gluten free bun, lettuce on bottom, no tomato, medium-rare, add pickles

Kathryn: As a UX Designer, I like to dissect a product item by item to identify each area of opportunity. This auditing technique is a great way to communicate itemized feedback in a visual and straightforward way.

Schwartz's Burger of Choice

Burger: make it look like a big mac. 2 patties ith an extra piece of bread. Lettuce. Extra bun. russian dressing.

Schwartz: I am a visual person, so I always fall back with the idea of ‘a picture is a thousand words’ as my standard communication style. Regarding this exercise, I found my perfect burger online to serve as a visual aid which is much easier to explain by using a content list of toppings.

Tatiana's Burger of Choice

Burger: add Crispy bacon, thin sliced pickles and avocado. Replace cheddar with Gruyere.

Tatiana: I try to make feedback as clear as possible while maximizing the visual medium of the photo. I think this shows that my communication style adapts to the situation, although this particular medium was intuitive to my language as a designer. I try to provide feedback in a one to one way that is cohesive with the original prompt and therefore hopefully easier for the person who provided the prompt to consume, as I attempted to meet them in their communication style.

Stay tuned next month for part 2 of our communication series featuring the Digital Marketing Team!