BrainDo's Favorite Halloween Campaigns of 2019

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BrainDo’s Favorite Halloween Campaigns of 2019

Tim Reardon | Social Strategy

Halloween is one of the holidays for brands to flex their creative muscles and play with fun marketing ideas. We found a few we enjoyed and whether it’s giveaways from Hershey’s Chocolate or redesigns from a cosmetic company, there’s something to learn from each of these marketing campaigns.

Lush Dresses Up for Halloween

Right when the seasonal spook came upon us, the popular cosmetics brand, Lush, went full-fledged Halloween for the month of October. Users who visit the homepage of Lush will be greeted by various haunted-themed products, eerie product descriptions, and even a Ouija board cursor while navigating the website.

Image of homepage

If visiting a brand’s social media is more of your style, Lush’s social media pages went supernatural for the season, showing creative ways to use their Halloween-themed products through videos and visuals.

What did we learn about Lush’s 2019 Halloween makeover? If your brand has a strong following and expects you to impress every holiday season, don’t underdeliver – and Lush didn’t let us down this year. We’re ready to buy a case of these spooky products!

Image of lushcosmetics Instagram halloween post

GeicoWeen 2019

Geico always comes up with creative ways to advertise their insurance through commercials and it is no surprise that they dove right in this October. Not only did Geico do one ad, but multiple ads and videos that all use “GeicoWeen” as a theme. Geico shows companies that no matter the season, they know how to stay on brand when it comes to advertising, and they’re certainly scary good at it.

Hershey's Chocolate X Adams Family

This Halloween, chocolate and the fun-loving spooky Addams family got together to cross promote in an interactive fashion. Users who visited Hershey’s homepage were brought to a landing page that allowed visitors to watch the movie trailer, download a mobile app game to play the Addams Family theme song, browse Halloween-themed recipes, and redeem for free movie tickets with qualifying purchases.

hersheys addams family homepage screenshot

These power-household names teamed up to promote the new release of the Addams Family movie and reminded visitors to shop for Hershey’s Chocolates when taking a stroll down the candy aisle.

This multi-dimensional digital campaign is bound to make waves and we ate it up.

Reese's x Neil Patrick Harris - Live Interactive Haunted House

An interactive haunted house created with help from the world of social media – yes please! Reese’s and Neil Patrick Harris teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind, user influenced, spooky experience that will launch on October 24th. Throughout the weeks prior, guests who follow Reese’s and Neil Patrick Harris on social media will have the opportunity to collaborate on options that will determine how 32 specially selected participants are treated and scared throughout the live stream.

This brilliant marketing plan infuses user interaction over social media and goes perfectly well with the Halloween season, making this quite the memorable marketing tactic throughout October. This campaign should attract more followers for both Neil Patrick Harris and Reese’s as well as increase user engagement especially on the night of the haunted house.

reeses instagram posting Neil Patrick Harris

Dunkin' Donuts' Costume

Dunkin’ Donuts was inspired by people dressing up in Dunkin-themed outfits for past Halloweens, so Dunkin’ released an outfit of their own this year. The coffee chain brought their America Runs on Dunkin’ campaign to life with a life-size Dunkin’ Runner costume. The ad encouraged users to tag two friends in the comments for a chance to win this limited-edition running suit, just in time for Halloween.

What makes this concept work, is that not only did Dunkin’ Donuts encourage users to interact with the post for a chance to win, but they also gave recognition to fans for dressing up as Dunkin’ Donuts’ employees and items in the past on social media. This appreciation post was a creepily good idea.

dunkin donuts instagram post of the dunkin runner costume

What fun and spooky ads do you love?