Attending Philly Tech Week 2024's Signature Event

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Attending Philly Tech Week 2024’s Signature Event

Tatiana Knies-Smith

Last week, the 14th Annual Philly Tech Week electrified the city, and yours truly (Tatiana Knies-Smith) was grateful for the opportunity to join in the festivities.

Led by, the lineup of events highlighting the latest innovations in digital technology was brought to a close with the classic Signature Event.

Highlights from the Signature Event

Bowling at Fitler Lanes - Philly Tech Week 2024's Signature Event

This year, the Comcast-sponsored Signature Event was held at the Fitler Club and Fitler Lanes bowling alley. Interactive booths on site showcased robots doing tricks, 3D chocolate printing, and mechanical keyboard typewriters.

Robots, 3D chocolate printing, and mechanical keyboard typewriters at the 2024 Philly Tech Week Signature Event

Dancing robot from Ghost Robotics

Attendees included staff and partners from across their markets, traveling from such faraway lands as Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Delaware, and Baltimore.

There was no shortage of great conversation to be had in an event full of buzzy reporters putting their interview-honed conversational skills to good use.’s CEO, Christopher Wink, and COO, Carrie Brooke, were both welcoming and attentive, making a point to ensure I had a pleasant time.

The lively affair featured delicious fare such as mini cheeseburger sliders that, surprisingly, did not need ketchup. This was good as there was no ketchup. This marketer is happy to report, however, that there were in fact pickles galore.

Attendees at the 2024 Philly Tech Week Signature Event

Philly Reporter Sarah Huffman was introduced to Philip Moyer, CEO of Vimeo, whom she will soon be interviewing for an upcoming article. Notably, Rue Landau from the Philadelphia City Council was also in attendance.

After Party at the Pen & Pencil Club

Entrance to the Pen & Pencil Club in Philadelphia, PA

I was also honored to be invited to attend the after party at the elusive and illustrious members-only club, Pen & Pencil. Established in 1892, the Pen & Pencil Club is one of the oldest surviving press clubs in the country. Here, I enjoyed an exclusive peak at life as a journalist in Philadelphia.

This social girly was hard pressed to abide by the guidelines of no photos or recording inside, but I can say this: the digital jukebox has a “No Kanye Allowed” sign.

Thanks & See You Next Tech Week!

With the 14th Annual Philly Tech Week now concluded, I am happy to report that the Philly tech scene is indeed alive and well. The Signature Event at the Fitler Club was the perfect conclusion to a week of stimulating sessions, workshops, and discourse.

Thanks, Comcast, and everyone else for a fantastic event that brings the community together!