Yue Xiang

Data Scientist

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Yue converts excel-crashing amounts of data into succinct, actionable stories. Her responsibilities include predictive analysis, data cleaning and processing, and designing custom dashboards and reports. Yue loves the challenge in finding the best way to visually represent data for client’s unique needs and training them in the custom solutions she builds.

Yue taught herself Powershell script writing, helping her team to automatically update tables for reporting, saving BrainDo and our clients time and money. She finds digital marketing to be the perfect intersection of creative and analytical thinking, both of which she values and excels at.

When she isn’t achieving statistical significance, you can find Yue writing poetry, creating art, people watching, or performing Olympic-style weight lifting.

A Quick Study

  • Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

    Social justice, urban spaces, writing, and visual arts

  • What's one thing you can't live without?

    Books. If I have to pick a book to read again and again it would either be Pachinko or the Joy Luck Club.

  • If you could have a superpower what would it be?