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Meet Jim McGowan

Jim joins the team as our Data Science Director, analyzing mountains of data and boiling it down into bite-sized insights. When Jim isn’t working with statistics, he likes to spend time with his five kids, row along the Schuylkill or ride off on one of his motorcycles. Fun Fact: Jim is an avid rower and… Read more »

Meet Vince Vuono

Vince joins the team as our Mobile App Developer and channels all of our digital hopes and dreams to fit inside the palm of our hands. When he’s not troubleshooting in Android Studio or Xcode you can find him eating breakfast for lunch and dinner or wrecking people’s day as Kirby in Super Smash Bros…. Read more »

Philly Tech Week 2017 Event Picks

Digital enthusiasts rejoice! Philly Tech Week 2017 is approaching, and this year, there are more events than ever. Since there is no way to attend every single Philly Tech Week event, we rounded up our favorites and most anticipated events of the week. #PTW17 Innovation Crawl Date: Friday, April 28 Time: 5:00 pm – 8:00… Read more »