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Why Team Events are Important for Morale

Ron Sansone

The “rise and grind” Monday through Friday work week is programmed in our head as marketers, but there is always room for fun. Let’s move deadlines and projects aside for a minute.

At BrainDo, we host monthly (and sometimes bi-weekly) team building activities to help strengthen morale and foster stronger team connections. Whether it’s an in-office trivia game or an epic company trip to Europe, these events help us learn more about each other and meet new faces without a Zoom link.

Are you looking to bring a little excitement to your team? Here’s five reasons why team building is important and a few examples of events that BrainDo has held.

1. Better Communication

If “teamwork makes the dream work,” then stronger relationships can help make your dreams a reality. Hosting company events helps the team learn about each other and breaks down communication barriers.

Group activities, such as self-assessment tests, can help distinguish personalities and strengthen relationships within the workplace. By discussing and celebrating what makes us tick, we grow closer as a team and learn how to communicate more effectively with our peers. Group sessions like this also help connect colleagues that don’t typically work together.

disc assessment example

2. Positive Energy

Sometimes events can really brighten someone’s day. Everyone has stressful workdays and needs to blow off steam once in a while.

Team activities are great way to destress and create positive sentiment. In any fast-paced organization, stepping away from the desk and taking things a little less seriously (even if just for a moment) can really help recharge one’s batteries.

3. Bragging Rights

Talking about work outside of work isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you can give your team a reason to boast by hosting fun events truly worth mentioning.

Free lunch once a week is cool, but how about an all-inclusive trip overseas for a week jam-packed with adventure?

BrainDo in Greece

4. Collective Culture

Your company’s culture is in many ways defined by the types of people that make up your team. When planned successfully, events that reflect the team’s interests help reinforce shared values and nurture group culture.

While you can’t read your team members’ minds, you can send out surveys to better understand what types of activities will energize your team. If you’re looking to boost event attendance, try sending out a questionnaire about specific activities first. This can help you gain a better idea on what your team likes so you can plan accordingly.

5. Appreciation

Ultimately, group events and workshops show that you appreciate your team and all the hard work they put in every day. If you really take the time to plan an event, your colleagues will take notice and reciprocate.

No one wants to feel taken for granted or like they’re just another cog in the corporate machine. Planning events that show you truly care about your team pays dividends in the form of stronger connectivity, workplace pride, and, most importantly, smiles all around!

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