BrainDo Culture

Meet Mike Murphy

A big BrainDo welcome to our newest member, Mike Murphy, who joins our team to provide a hybrid of general legal counsel and content strategy. Mike originally hails from the Motor City where he got street smart and book smart, before heading to Philadelphia so he could get in trouble for talking smart. After years working at a large law firm, Mike adds his marketing smarts to the team.

When not at the BrainDo offices, Mike can be found in West Philadelphia chasing around his dog Bubbles, a genetic marvel with the nose of a hound, the strength of a boxer and the playfulness of a Jack Russell.

Bonus Audio Lecture!

Mike routinely lectures (formally and informally) on legal topics. During his first week at BrainDo, Mike delivered a Continuing Legal Education webinar for attorneys and information professionals on the law of document retention policies, which are a company’s policy on information storage and deletion. If you’re curious about document retention, you can listen to the talk here.