Meet Charles T. Nottadog

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Charles joins our team as our new Director of Barketing and Client Relations, who uses his profetchinal knowledge in Labragoogle Analytics and Social Feedia, to retrieve us the best clients–where they are confident he will not roll over on any project.

When Charles isn’t taking a paws to listen to client needs, you can find him drooling over hand-made treats on Petsy or polishing his “Who’s a Good Boy” award.

Charles’ Top 3 Favorite Restaurants in Philly

1. Barc
2. Fogo De Chow Chow
3. Barkley Prime


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Part brand strategist, part community manager, Carolyn combines strategic brand marketing and social engagement with a personal touch. When Carolyn isn't brewing up brand tactics, you can find her masterfully hosting parties, enjoying a grain bowl from Sweetgreen, or sneaking off to the Poconos for a weekend getaway.