Deal With It! BrainDo Online Holiday Picks of 2019

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The holidays are officially here and as we all know – so are deals, deals, and more deals! We recently asked some of the BrainDo team what items they are on the hunt for when it comes to special “holidays” like Cyber Monday.

Here is what that they are on the prowl for and the websites they found it on:

Ryan (Web Developer)
Product – David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset
Category – Electronic
Website – Amazon
Maybe Ryan is trying to fly planes, because this is one serious headset!

Geoff (Paid Media Manager)
Product – Eve Light Strip, 1800 lumens
Category – Tools and Home Improvement
Website – Amazon
Is Geoff adding a techy backsplash to his new apartment?!

Linda (Data Science Manager)
Product – Tempurpedic Pillow
Category – Home
Website – Tempurpedic
There must be science backing why this pillow is a popular item among household items.

Andrew (Web Developer)
Product – Ergodox EZ Keyboard
Category – Electronic
Website – Ergodox – EZ
Andrew is the king of the keyboards at BrainDo, so this choice was no surprise here!

Yue (Data Scientist)
Product – Anything that looks good!
Category – Clothing
Website – Everlane
Shopping for deals that contributes towards a good cause (donates money from every order to help send single-use plastic) – sounds good to us!

Tatiana (Interactive Designer)
Product – Chess Set
Category – Games/Home
Website – West Elm
Tatiana takes a break from digital design for some hands-on strategic gaming.

From the results, you can see that the BrainDo team has pretty different items on their shopping list and websites they frequent on Cyber Monday. All digital marketers don’t have the same taste!

What are you looking for during holiday sales?

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