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Communications Series – Data Science/Analytics

Tim Reardon | Social Strategy

Welcome back to our 4th installment of our communication series! In the previous articles, we covered the Web Development, Design and User Experience, and Digital Marketing team and showed how each department communicates a specific task differently.

We leave the assignment wide open as to how they can provide the notations to make it perfect to their taste.

Next up in our series is our Data Science and Analytics! Following the assignment, we asked the team, “How did you approach this exercise and how does it show your communication style?”

Now lettuce show you the results!

Ben's Salad of Choice

ben's salad

Ben: I realized communication through PowerPoint would be the best way to get what I wanted, so I jotted my answers down on a slide. The communication style I like is being assertive in conversations.

Cosgrove's Salad of Choice

Cosgrove's Salad of Choice

Cosgrove: I looked for a photo of an ingredient I wanted to add, put a screen capture next to it, added a Green plus sign, and wrote out I wanted to add add chicken.

I try to be clear and direct, using color and words to describe the changes I want. Simple changes over complex ones.

Matt's Salad of Choice

Matt's Salad of Choice

Matt: I tried to use graphics, gifs, and music – but I couldn’t figure out how in 10 mins. So I used my copy writing magic powers and the mouse to write the words in color. As for my style of communication, I try to be as direct as possible.

Rodney's Salad of Choice

Rodney's Salad of Choice

Rodney: I was hesitant but with cautious optimism I could easily produce what I wanted. My communication style is very direct and to the point.

Yue's Salad of Choice

Yue's Salad of Choice

Yue: I approached this assignment like my communication preference – straight forward directions along with a side of empathy.

That wraps up our communication style series! Thanks for checking it out and keep tuning in for news about BrainDo and the team!

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