Campbell's Soup can surrounded on both sides by its subsidiaries

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Campbell’s M’m M’m Good Digital Marketing

Who is the Campbell Soup Company?

Campbell’s was founded in 1869 in South Jersey. From humble beginnings, the Campbell Soup Company grew to one of the world’s largest food companies as they developed innovative, commercially viable ways to do things never before possible (like condensing soup).


Why We Like Them.

Campbell’s is one of the earliest content marketers. They’ve been creating recipes since 1916 to promote their products, make them more useful for customers, improve sales and build brand awareness. Campbell’s focuses on the customer and constantly innovates to meet new customer needs.


What Are They Doing Well?

From the perspective of customers and marketers, Campbell’s does a few things very well:


1. Genuine Relationships with Customers

Campbell’s provides real value to customers in their social media properties with useful recipes and tips. They relate to their audience who constantly thinks about new, tasty ways to eat.

2. Reactive to Market Trends

Understanding the need to respond to modern food attitudes, Campbell’s has taken steps to promote healthier food options and launch new health-conscious products.

Campbell’s has recently acquired Organic food companies such as Bolthouse Farms and Plum Organics in order to extend healthier food options to consumers. V8 and other healthy divisions have grown in prominence. Sodium has been reduced in its foods. The customer’s wellbeing is coming first.

3. Paid Search Prominence

Campbell’s has a strong search presence, occupying much of the search real estate within Google shopping results. This, combined with their Organic results, provides lots of exposure.

Campbell’s dominates search results for a variety of generic soup keywords like “chicken soup can.”

In Summary

Campbell’s is a solid example of a brand that has artfully transitioned into modern day digital marketing. With engaging social posts, targeted content strategy and effective search presence, Campbell’s is getting a lot of brand exposure and a lot of mileage out of every piece of content they create.