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BrainDo Culture

BrainDo’s 2019 Thankful List

Tim Reardon | Social Strategy

This holiday season, we decided to put our analyst hats on and find out what our team appreciates the most when it comes to working at BrainDo.

How did we figure this out?

We sent an anonymous survey out to all 20 team members to rank various answers and included a section for them to fill out as extra items. The results came in and the findings are below.

Our first chart highlights a mixture of work-centric topics as well as team-centric topics.

infographic, text explained below

Our Top Results

The most popular vote, with a total 78%, was Collaboration. This wasn’t a huge surprise since a big part of our culture is collaborating with each other! Whether it’s collaborating for a client request, or coming up with activities after work, teamwork plays a major part of our day in and outside of BrainDo.

Which brings up the second-place vote being “Our Team”. We’re a special and talented group who all genuinely get along– what’s not to like about that!?

“I’m thankful for a stable work environment that allows me to improve every day… and client’s being appreciative of our expertise and work.”

Work Results Ranked

infographic listing work favorites, listed below

Honorable Mentions

  • After Work Activities: A handful of BrainDoers genuinely hang out. Activities in the past include sporting events, video game streaming, building keyboards, and brewery visits.
  • BYODog: Always a great perk to have office dogs and it has been part of our office culture since the beginning.
  • Harvest Emails: Filling out your timesheet isn’t known as a fun thing in the work world, but we send comical emails at the end of the week as a reminder to fill them out.
  • Lunch Groups: It’s unlikely to find anyone eating their lunch here alone – there is always a group going out for grub and even have certain days like “Halal Tuesdays”.

Team Results Ranked

different infographic showing best work related things. Elaborated below.

Extra: Out of the fill in quote, we selected ones that were worth noting and sharing.

Anonymous teammate quotes:

“I’m thankful for so much here. Everyone being awesome people period. Everyone being amazing at what they do is a bonus. Also thankful for Tim’s Harvest emails, Harrison’s brewery shirts…”

“Laughs on laughs on laughs”

“Great people, awesome clients, and a wonderful work environment”

This survey really helped us realize how thankful we are for our team and how special of a group we are.

What do you think you’ll discover if you sent out a survey to your company?