BrainDo Team Survey 2: A Year of Working from Home

BrainDo Team Survey 2:

A Year of Working from Home

Believe it or not, it’s been over a year since we been working from home! Things have certainly changed since we surveyed the team about their new work-home lifestyle.

Check out the team’s answers on our latest survey to see what’s changed.

Since the last time we did this survey, has anything changed in your life?

Got a bidet… amazing. Oh, and a new daughter

Yes, I got engaged

Yeah, I’m way more bored

I became a full-time team member

I got a dog, had COVID, started riding Peloton bike

My work set up was slapped together during the first few months. Now it’s just as comfortable as the office

Moved to South Philly

I bought a house

I have a cat now! Ruby is an angel

Got back into snowboarding

What routine do you miss the most?

Still miss bike rides to the office

Muay Thai

Halal food truck with the team

Going on a Target/Starbucks run with the coworkers

Going to museums on weekends

The gym

Interacting with coworkers

Group lunches

Show titles you've binged watched?


How to Get Away with Murder

The Queen’s Gambit

Sons of Anarchy

This is Us

American Gods

Wanda Vision


What are you doing on the weekends?

Playing video games

Watching the Marvel movies in chronological order

I’m trying to read a book here and there. Also, clean and keep my space tidy since I spend so much time here

Home improvements

Ride horses, read, scrub the house, Facetime friends and family, work out, do homework, go on hikes and NOT cook

Viewing houses for sale

Getting out of the city

Hike when the weather is nice

Quarantining with my trusted circle and binge-watching TV

Going to Blick and get even more art supplies

On a business level, what have you learned about yourself since COVID?

Take breaks to stay focused

I’ve learned more about how to communicate better with colleagues via messaging systems like Slack

My writing / communication has improved

That fun makes a HUGE difference and it’s so important to spend a minute or two checking in with each other and helping one another as needed, also that I have an inner hermit goblin that loves working from home

I’ve had to work on the separation between work and home once they became the same environment

I’d much rather be working in-office than at home

What is the best thing you have eaten since staying at home?

Homemade ravioli with a brown butter sage sauce.

Grilled corn from El Vez

We made our own crunch wraps

Pad Thai

Home cooked steaks

I learned how to make mussels and they were fantastic

Domino’s Pizza

Homemade pumpkin cheesecake

Abe Fisher

Stroganoff I made. Also, baleadas from Tamalex

Triangle Tavern Vegan Fried Chicken Sandwich

Not a Pizza Box from Hardena

Acquire any new hobbies?

Sleeping! used to be a chore before, now it’s a hobby

I feel like trying to buy a house takes up enough time to classify as a hobby

Getting vaccinated and drawing

Speculative NFT trading

Starting up reading again. I used to read all the time when I was younger and then stopped. I’ve been trying to read 2-4 books a month lately and I’m really enjoying it

Peloton and being a dog parent



Home improvement

Weaving and hence playing (buying) yarn