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BrainDo Quarantine Survey

Tim Reardon | Social Strategy

It’s hard to believe but BrainDo has been working from home for 7 weeks! That’s right – think way back to Tuesday, March 17th. That’s the date we packed up our belongings and moved our workstations home. It has been a new task for many of us, but we are resilient – and we are digital! So once we all got settled into our at-home workstations, our out-of-office work life has gone smoothly.

We may have forgone routines like dressing up for work, ridesharing to dinner, or the Halal cart for lunch, but we’ve discovered brand new pleasures like Zoom happy hours, Music League, and channeled our inner chef skills with delicious meals!

To find out more about how the BrainDo team has been managing, we sent an anonymous survey. What did we learn? Without further ado – the team’s responses below.

What Routine Do You Miss the Most?

“I miss being able to see my friends whenever I want”

“Walking to work”

“The delineation between weekdays and weekends”

“Henry, the vacuum in the office”

“Muay Thai Mornings”

“Cracking a cold one with the team”

“Daily bike ride and lunches”

“Walking over and checking in with co-workers. I miss that ease of sharing info and catching up”

Shows You have Binged Watched

“Tiger King”


“X Files”

“Curb Your Enthusiasm”

“Little Fires Everywhere”

“The Wire”

What Are You Doing on the Weekends?

“Video games”

“Dreaming about the life we once had”

“Long Walks”


“Zoom Calls”

“Cleaning the house”

“Cracking open several cold ones”

“Drinks and Legos”

“Running and Biking”

If you had to pick one thing you miss the most in the office, what would it be?

“My work chair”

“The random Friday afternoon conversations that happen”

“Silly, unexpected jokes/conversations”

“The people! Having friendly and supportive people around”

“The table with all of the carb-y delights”

“Random office conversation like what the plural of mongoose is”

“Seeing people’s faces and talking without having earbuds in; also my standup desk”

“Beer o Clock”

Have you interviewed your team about their new quarantine lifestyle? Let us know!