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BrainDo Favorites: Podcasts

Do you have a long drive up ahead or looking to stay in the loop of the digital marketing sphere? Why not tune into a podcast to kill time while you’re behind the wheel or relaxing on a sunny day? We’ve recently surveyed the team on what podcasts they listen to and compiled ones that we certainly insist you check out:

Podcast Picks by BrainDo

If you’re looking to sharpen your marketing tools, here are some industry-related podcasts that go alongside our expertise.

99% Invisible
Title: 99% Invisible
Host: Roman Mars
Description: Every day you are surrounded by design. Learn about the history of design, the reasoning behind structures, and the power it brings to our daily lives each day.

Title: Changelog
Hosts: Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo
Description: Get the scoop from seasoned developers and tech innovators in this weekly podcast covering all things tech – from past practices through present trends, this podcast is a must for anyone in the world of code.

Dare to Lead
Title: Dare to Lead
Hosts: Bren Brown
Description: As professionals in an ever-changing world of business, Bren Brown plunges into the minds of leaders who have influenced various industries through cultural change, eccentric marketing strategies, and daring tactics that many would be afraid to try.

Everyone Hates Marketers
Title: Everyone Hates Marketers
Hosts: Louis Grenier
Description: No sugar coating here. Learn about tactics everyday marketers should use to capture their audience’s attention without being too extra.

How I Built This
Title: How I Built This
Hosts: Guy Raz
Description: Get the secrets behind the world’s best companies as Guy Raz covers the success stories and incredible journeys of influential marketers.

The GaryVee Audio Experience
Title: The GaryVee Audio Experience
Hosts: Gary Vaynerchuk
Description: Gary Vee’s no-frills podcast will coach you through questions you have about your career, personal life, and decisions that bring a lot of risk with reward.

Lew Later
Title: Lew Later
Hosts: Lew Later
Description: Technology is certainly here to stay. Lew Later covers everything tech and the future it holds in years to come in this daily podcast.


These podcasts aren’t based off the team’s expertise, but we think these will be something you’ll fancy. From fantasy tales to economical practices, here are a few favorites from the BrainDo crew:

Code Switch
Title: Code Switch
Host: NPR
Description: Journalists of color delve into conversations about race in the United States that few feel comfortable about. From sports to cuisine, learn how race impacts our society in every way imaginable.

Critical Role
Title: Critical Role
Host: Matthew Mercer
Description: Dive into the fantasy realm as host and Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer discusses everything Dungeon & Dragons / RPG-related.

The Disclosure Podcast
Title: The Disclosure Podcast
Host: Ed Winters
Description: Join TEDx speaker and content creator Ed Winters as he dives into topics involving veganism, environmental practices, ethics, and everyday life as a human being.

Title: SmartLess
Hosts: Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett
Description: Three hosts and various guests from all walks of life share their stories, both personal and professional, with a side of humor. To keep the episodes a bit of surprise, there is always one mystery guest who joins the discussion.

Trash Taste Podcast
Title: Trash Taste Podcast
Host: Joey from The Anime Man, Garnt from Gigguk, and Connor from CDawgVA
Description: YouTubers Joey, Garnt, and Connor host a weekly podcast discussing all things about anime and the culture behind this worldly popular medium.

We hope one of these podcasts will end up on your “must listen” list!