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BrainDo 2019 Superlatives

Tim Reardon | Social Strategy

With 2019 ending, we wanted to see whom our team would pick if we sent a survey with 10 specific superlative categories. All the superlatives were completely different and was a fun exercise for the team.

Some of the answers below were not too big of a surprise, while others came out of left field! Are you surprised by the results?

Jenny Du

Most Likely to Be President of the United States

Brian Schwartz

Life of the Party

Rodney Morris

Most Likely to Be on a Reality TV Show

Ben Stuart

Best Person to Be Stranded on a Desert Island

Brian Cosgrove

Most Likely to Travel the World

Harrison Bryant

Most Likely to Dance in a Music Video

Tim Reardon

Class Clown

Scott Hinners

Most SFW (Safe for Work)

Anand Patel

Biggest Techie

Try a superlative survey with your team and see what happens – you may be surprised!

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