Two Years in Review

Celebrating BrainDo's 2nd Anniversary

This February, on the 4th to be precise, marks the 2 year anniversary of our fair BrainDo.

We’ve come a long way in these past 2 years and we thought we’d share a fun introspective on how much has changed for us over that time – with DATA!

Employee Growth

We're now a burgeoning team of 12 (and planning to get even bigger) but it wasn't always that way.

Clients By Location

As our team has grown, so has our client base. We have serviced and partnered with almost 40 brands (and counting) from all across the country.

Growing our Capability

As we’ve added team members, we’ve strengthened our core capabilities and adapted to support client challenges.

Capabilities Breakdown By Year

BrainDo By the Numbers

We're Officially 2 Years Old

and still growing strong. We’re proud of the challenges we’ve overcome and honored to work with so many great brands.

Here’s to the future – Cheers!

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